Product quality starts with the development of stringent steel specifications. Working closely with our clients, the designer and our steel mill partners, the specification is created and strictly adhered to throughout the life of the project. We only buy steel from our approved vendors, all of which ensure and sustain the highest quality and flatness. Our specialized flame cutting machines with CNC controls are designed to meet the highest standards and installed with precision alignment. Every aspect of the cutting procedure is given accurate attention. Torches are squared to each plate prior to cutting. Additional attention is given to reducing the effects of heat on the parts.


All parts are thoroughly inspected to ensure that tolerances and product requirements are met or exceeded. Flame-cut edges are thoroughly cleaned by our grinders leaving parts ready to install. 


We mark and track every piece of steel as it comes into our yard as well as track it through every step of our process. Our mark will follow your steel components through fabrication of your project for full traceability. Individual parts are identified with a part number and heat number to ensure full traceability and maintain the integrity documentation. You will always receive a quality part, properly documented, that is ready to install when delivered.


All parts are palletized and secured for shipping. Itemized packing lists complete with MTR’s with each shipment. We have a driver on staff that delivers to the Greater Houston Area daily.

Material Inspection
Material Shipping
Global Steel Fabrication Detailing