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Established in 1994, Global Steel & Flamecutting Services has been the high-quality provider for those needing precision flame cut and high definition plasma cut parts. Located in Conroe, Texas just North of Houston, we can easily service our customers locally, across the nation and internationally.

With over 30 years’ experience, we are an established leader in the Oil & Gas industry. Our expertise with ultra-high tolerance gear rack has given us the proficiency to produce the highest quality cuts for every project that comes through our shop. This has allowed for us to branch into other industries seamlessly.


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Global Steel & Flamecutting Services is a full state of the art Oxy-fuel Flame cutting and High-Definition Plasma cutting facility producing the finest quality steel products for the Oil & Gas, Civil Construction, and other related industries. Some of the industries we have had the pleasure to service are Fabrication shops, Machine shops, Subsea/Offshore, Midstream, Refineries, Construction, Natural gas, Precast Concrete among others. Working with these various industries has given our team the knowledge to be able to assist you with your project to ensure the highest quality product is delivered on time.



From our many years of experience we understand our customers’ need for performance, accuracy and dependability. Global Steel & Flamecutting has the ability and resources necessary to facilitate jobs from the ordinary to the unique. Our team understands customer requirements as well as industry standards, we will analyze each project and utilize the best equipment for the job- providing the most cost-effective solution and fastest turnaround time. Our expert burners can obtain very tight tolerances on our state-of-the-art machines and pride themselves on providing the highest quality parts.

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